Timeline & Process

Finding and buying your place outside of the city can take anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on clear you are about what you are looking for and how motivated you are to move.

The first step is to figure out what's important to you in choosing a community.

Use our advanced community search options to help you think about this and then search our Mens Oval Sunglasses community database to find towns that have what you want.  The next step is to look at houses on the market in those communities and see what's out there so you can start thinking about your short list.

Our personal search coordinators facilitate this process by helping you use the site more effectively or talking to you about how to prioritize your decisions and trade off your 'would likes' for your 'must haves' if everything you are looking for isn't realistic in your price range or commuting parameters.

When you have narrowed your choices down, it's time to get actual listing information for properties that match your criteria and connect with a local real estate agent who will guide you through the on-the-ground property search, make sure you are fully informed about the community you are looking in, provide context for the properties you shortlist and help you decide on and negotiate the best price for that property.

We are here to provide resources all along the way. 


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