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Our Standards

The Community Profiles:

    • were researched and written by our own independent writers

    •  insight and expertise was provided by local residents 

    •  checked for accuracy by local experts


The agents we match you with:

    • are in the top 20% of performance statistics in their market

    • have a thorough, proven knowledge of the real estate process in their area

    • have a thorough, proven knowledge of the communities in their market

    • are in good standing with their local REALTOR authorities

    • have been licensed for at least two years

    • work full time


The Companies they work for:

    • have been in business for at least 3 years

    • are in good standing with local REALTOR authorities

    • are among the top 3 independent companies within their MLS

    • have a proven track record swiss replica watches

    • have high standards of business practice and ethical behavior

    • hand pick agents to work with buyers – do not assign agents by rotation

    • are tried, trusted and meet or exceed our strict screening standards

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