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Many home buyers want to go it alone when searching for a new home. People often search for homes on-line and feel they have all the resources they need and that they will save money.   The truth is representing yourself can be risky. There may be a lot... read more
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best real estate suburbs, towns & villages for home buyers near nycour standards 

We help you make sense of what you have seen and found online by providing honest, straight-forward consultations to answer the questions you have regarding the value of a home, how to gain insight into the communities you are considering and the realities of the marketplace as it exists.

What We Will Do For You :

  • help you put together an action plan
  • give you solid, understandable, impartial advice on how to navigate the market
  • provide insider tips to help save you time and money
  • answer the questions you may have about buying & selling processes
  • help you evaluate options so you can make the best decisions for you

What We Do Not Do :

  • try to sell you a property
  • push a broker on you
  • plague you with follow up calls

Our business is based on helping buyers find the best home and community possible, and for sellers, helping to make the selling experience the best it can be; sharing our seasoned advice, based on 35 years of real estate experience and insights.

Harris L. Safier, CRB, CRS, GRI

Harris L. Safier,CRB, CRS, GRI

Harris has been providing excellent independent advice for over 30 years. He was been personally involved in thousands of real estate transactions, was recently featured on HGTV's ‘Selling New York’, and has been the principal broker for his company, Westwood Metes & Bounds for the last 3 decades.

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explore towns around NYC, dip into local knowledge, narrow down your options by travel preferences and price range and all without even renting a car

by location :

by lifestyle :


end up in a place where you'll be happy

what you get we have selected the best agents from 28 top companies across 35 counties within a 3 hour radius of NYC

what you do enter the towns you've decided on and tell us the characteristics you would like in an agent

what 2 expect we'll connect you to the person in each town most qualified to further you in your search, assess the real value of homes in that community, negotiate and manage the buying process on your behalf

* required

select location :


agent characteristics :


deep knowledge of community
expert negotiator
ethical & trustworthy

pay the lowest price for your house

you've trolled, trulia & all the major realty portals and done a gazillion MLS searches, great!

Now tell us the towns you like the look of and what sort of a home you want, & we'll connect you with a top realtor
(pre screened by us) in that area. They'll do the legwork, apply their expertise and send you listings you'll love

* required

select up to 3 locations :

properties :


additional information about your search :

don't get lost searching endlessly for houses online

see what your money will buy in the places you are browsing

new jersey
new york

Change the way you think about Real Estate


Search for Houses Differently

  • 95% buy a house they did NOT find online
  • look by community first, house for sale second
  • thumbnails of houses don't give you the whole picture
  • don't waste your time looking in the wrong place
  • stop wading through house listings, search by lifestyle not by zip code
  • There are many towns you haven't heard of that are just like the one you think you want to live in
  • easily explore all towns within 3 hours of NYC
  • end up in a place where you'll be happy

Importance of a Buyer's Agent

  • pay the lowest price for your house
  • a buyer’s agent represents YOU, the  agent on the listing  represents the seller
  • a good agent knows their market and will advise you on the right price to offer
  • a buyer’s agent has deep local connections and knows ALL houses for sale not just those on MLS
  • don't waste your time looking in the wrong place
  • good agents know the pros and cons of all the towns and communities in their area
  • agents costs are included in the price of the home, why not have the best representation possible
  • get your agent before you find your house

Value of our Search Coordinators

  • they guide you decide
  • our personal search coordinators know how to get the best out of our swiss replica watches site
  • they work with a wide range of pre-screened companies to streamline how you get listing information
  • no need for endless agent solicitation emails
  • talk to our personal search coordinator for unbiased help deciding where to look
  • make your search more focused and efficient
  • search coordinators bridge the gap between pictures of houses and talking to a top performing agent
  • whether by email or phone, we work at your pace

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